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Mixed Nail Foils

Mixed Nail Foils

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How to use:
1.Select your nail foil style and cut off in suitable size
2.File, shape your nails, apply base coat and cure it (UV lamp for 1 mins; LED lamp for 30secs)
3.Optional - Apply 1 or 2 layers of gel polish as the base color, cure it(UV lamp for 2 mins; LED lamp for 60secs)
4.Apply a layer of nail foils glue, and cure it until the glue dries(UV lamp for 1 mins, LED lamp for 30secs), it will still be tacky at this stage.
Curing time depends on power of nail lamp and room temperature
Take one pre-cut foil piece and apply the foil design side facing upward onto the nail. Firmly press nail foil design to nail. (No cured needed)

1.Must use nail Foil Glue
2. Please distinguish the Front and Back of Stickers. Press the stickers evenly and repeatedly before remove it.
3.Transfer foil glue should be cured under nail dryer lamp for a perfect foil result (60secs - 2 mins)